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Solutions Approach

A solutions approach is very effective if you:

- Have more than one related service or product
- Want higher level contacts in your customer’s company
    - Your contact is currently the purchasing agent
         – you want the CEE, COO or CFO as your contact
- Are more effective if you get involved at an earlier stage in your
  customer’s decision process (ideally, starting with “PLAN”)

The following sample shows how you might map your products to your customer’s business cycle. Since very few companies can provide all of the solutions to their customers’ needs, this approach usually requires that you partner with other companies to provide the complete solution.


(Your Company) provides best-of-breed (your industry) solutions, freeing our customers to focus on their core competencies. (Your Company) adds the most value when we become involved in the planning stage and work closely with customers to provide solutions for their needs at every step of their strategic business cycle.

Business Cycle

(Your Company) can provide a variety of product and service solutions at all stages of our customer’s strategic business cycle.

- Service 1   - Service 3   - Service 5
- Service 2   - Product 2   - Product 3
- Product 1   - Service 4   - Service 6
- Service 7   - Service 8   - Service 9
- Product 4   - Product 6   - Product 8
- Product 5   - Product 7   - Service 10

Contact us for more information on a developing a “solutions approach” to meeting your customers’ needs and other ways Van Allen Associates can help you grow.

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