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Long-Range Plan Outline

If your organization is planning to make major investments or major changes, we recommend that you first create a long-range plan to help guide your decisions. Your plan can be brief or exhaustive, based on the potential investments or changes you are contemplating, however, you should at least address the following steps:

1) Determine Current State – To get everyone on the same page

a. Your organization’s mission, vision, values

b. Value of your organization to its stakeholders – customers, members,
    recipients, investors, employees, etc.

c. Environmental scan – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

i. State of your industry & trends
ii. State of related industries & trends
iii. Customers – Current & potential
iv. Competitors – Current & potential

2) Determine “Future State” - What will your environment look like in the future – in 3, 5 or 10 years? If you have not done this before, start with 3 years out. If you have done this before, try to look out a longer time frame.

a. What trends will most impact your organization and stakeholders?

b. What are the key success factors for your organization and stakeholders?

c. What initiatives will best increase your chances of success?

d. What are the major long-term measures and performance goals against these measures?

3) How to Get There

a. 3-Year Plan – How can you best succeed in the next 3 years while making progress on your 5-10 year vision?

i. Major strategies

ii. Initiatives required to achieve each strategy, broken out Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

iii. 3-year performance goals against long-term measures

b. 1-Year Plan – How can you best succeed next year, while making progress on your 3-Year Plan?

i. Action steps behind Year 1 initiatives with resources required and expected outcomes

ii. 1-year performance goals against long-term measures

Contact us for help in developing your long-range plan and other ways Van Allen Associates can help you grow.

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