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Sample Projects

Van Allen Associates has helped a wide range of companies, trade associations and non-profits find new ways to grow. Sample projects include:

Short & Long-Term Business Strategy

  • Leading the executive team of a large B2B services corporation in developing a 5-year strategic plan to change from a product focus to a solutions approach to customer needs.
  • Helping an IT/engineering services corporation create a 5-year plan to develop a global service delivery platform and increase top-line growth via acquisitions and organic growth.
  • Leading the executive team of an IT outsourcing company in developing their first-ever 3-year plan, with focus on developing capabilities and new revenue sources in Year 1.
  • Developing an approach to increasing capacity in existing business service franchisees to accelerate growth.
  • Recommending a growth plan for a non-profit arts institution.
  • Outlining a long-range plan for a US trade association.
  • Highlighting keys to increasing profitability for online startups .
  • Helping non-profits use management and marketing best practices to more effectively deliver their mission.
  • Creating a strategic plan for a division of a US government institution.
  • Advising on growth strategies for a high-end consumer food company.

Business Planning

  • Creating a business plan for the launch of an internet information & e-commerce service.
  • Outlining a 3-year implementation plan of a new strategy for a non-profit.

Marketing Strategy

  • Focusing companies on customer needs to grow revenues & lower costs.
  • Introducing a new consumer financial product.
  • Identifying new uses/user segments for an education-oriented service.
  • Designing non-dues revenue programs for trade associations to enhance member value and increase revenues.
  • Marketing a non-profit’s “retreat center” to companies, schools, government and other non-profits.
  • Advising non-profits on re-branding to more clearly explain what they do.
  • Conducting a demographic study for an educational institution.

Sales Force Redesign

  • Setting up a National/Global Accounts capability for B2B sales.
  • Outlining keys to a “sales culture” for a quasi-governmental company.

Contact us for more information on how Van Allen Associates can help you find new ways to grow.

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