Sample Projects

Van Allen Associates has helped a wide range of companies find new ways to grow revenue, profits and customer satisfaction.  Sample projects include:

Business & Marketing Strategy for Large B2B Services Firm

Challenge:  Large B2B services firm was losing business in specific service areas due to competitors’ bids.

Actions: Working with the executive team, found that customers were using multiple services, but pitting Divisions against each other to get lower prices. Developed a 5-year strategic plan to change from a product focus to a “solutions approach” based on customer needs with attractive pricing based on combining multiple services.

Results: Retained “at risk” customers, plus more customers bought multiple services, resulting in 10+% revenue growth in Year One.

Business Strategy for IT/Engineering Services Corporation

Challenge: IT/engineering services corporation was expanding globally, but costs were too high, service levels were inconsistent and growth was difficult and haphazard.

Actions: Worked with CEO & executive team to create a 5-year plan to develop a global service delivery platform to enable consistent servicing and global reach for top-line growth both via acquisitions and organic growth.

Results: Plan was approved by Board along with $20+ million investment in organic growth and acquisitions.

Business & Marketing Strategy for Small IT Outsourcing Company

Challenge: Small, high-quality IT outsourcing company was having trouble growing, due to price cutting from lower-quality competitors.

Actions: Executive team strategic review of services, pricing and customer needs found that company was charging too much for low-value-added services and giving high-value-added consulting for free. Developed 3-year plan with focus on lower pricing for low-value-added services, charging for consulting and further developing consulting capabilities.

Results: Retained “at risk” customers, gained new customers and grew revenue 15+% revenue in Year One.

Pricing Strategy for Group of 20 Restaurants & Bars

Challenge: A group of 20 restaurants & bars were not happy with their revenue growth, profit margins and guest satisfaction results.

Actions: Competitive analysis showed that pricing on key items (burger, chicken, salmon) was above competitors.  Sales analysis showed that these key items were not selling well, plus top sellers, such as strip steak, were often the most expensive, so no additional options for “splurge” guests.  Recommended lower prices on low sellers, higher prices on top sellers and more options for guests at smaller price increments between items to encourage guests to buy more.

Results: Average check increased 5+%, Profits increased 10+%, Customer satisfaction increased 5+%

Pricing Strategy for Hotel Parking Facilities

Challenge: Hotels were trying to reduce their parking facilities, which they saw as a necessary evil and source of guest upset.

Actions: Financial analysis showed that parking was very high margin.  Per competitive analysis, pricing for overnight and 0-2 hours generally competitive, but competitors had many more hourly pricing options and valet price increment was lower.  Sales analysis showed few valet spaces available and hotel lots were often full overnight, but plenty of space available during the day.  Per customer analysis, local customers were afraid of staying >2 hours for fear of paying overnight price.  Proposed more hourly pricing options with low price increment between options to encourage longer stay and increasing valet spaces with lower valet price increment to encourage more valet.

Results: Revenue increased 15+%, profits increased 20+% and hotel & customer satisfaction increased so much that hotels looked for ways to increase, rather than decrease, their parking facilities.

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